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Basic Training Story 4744

Active Military
Active Military
May 26, 2017
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One day at an obstacle course as we were waiting in line to climb the tower, PVTs started talking and getting loud. Our DS then told us to grab a leaf, use our pens, and draw a face on them. As we did we were told that was our battle buddy, and we can only talk when they talk first.Well one guy saw a better leaf, so he ripped his up old leaf and picked up the new leaf. DS saw it and said "Did you just kill your battle buddy Private? Ok dig a grave for it" so he dug a hole with his hands and put the old leaf in it.

DS then said "alright go get a big rock" so he came back with a big rock and DS said "thats his headstone." We were all nearby so the DS said "everybody come here. PVT Snuffy here would like to say a few words about our fallen comrade." The kid struggled through a speech about his leaf as we held in laughter.To top it off, our battle buddy leafs then became inspectable items.

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