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Elite Army Units: The Best of the Best

Active Military
Active Military
February 23, 2018
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Look, the United States Army is this big behemoth of a force. How in the world are we going to narrow down all of the great Army units to like, let's say five? Five is good. If we did anymore, we'd probably be here all day doing like the Top 100 or so. It'd be ridiculous. (types jealously as a Marine with a small budget).The Old Guard, 3rd Infantry Regiment. They don't belong on the list. They belong above it. Through the services they provide to our fallen brethren and their families, they have earned right to be above this list. Thank you for what you all do to honor the fallen.

Army Units

Now, that being said, let's move onNumber One, let's all pretend to be surprised when we say DELTA...or whatever super secret cool codename they're going by now. The Unit right? We don't know, we're just a bunch of dumb Marines. While they fall under JSOC, they are technically still part of the Army as 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta...so there's that.

Army Units

Number two, 75th Ranger Regiment. Well, okay those guys are pretty damn badass. We'll give them that. They've got a really proud history of smashing enemies of America right in the face. We'll definitely drink to that!

Army Units

Number three...number three is a tie. Dudes of the 82nd Airborne and 101st Airborne division got plenty of room to talk earning their units battle streamers in WW2 by making the grass grow with Nazi blood. With all that these wild men, who think jumping out of a perfectly good airplane is fun, accomplished we couldn't rank either one above the other. Although there was the stand at Bastogne and Band of Brothers...no bias here, just saying.

Army Units
Army Units

Number four, 10th Mountain Division. There may be some naysayers, but who else is gonna sack up and go hang out in the mountains all day. Not us, its cold up there. We prefer the sweet heat of the desert, thank you very much. You've got to be a pretty big badass to train, live and fight in the mountains.

Number five, we couldn't leave out the tankers. We knew you thought we'd forget about you, but we love you bastards that fit in that cramped ass highly advanced machine of war. Whenever there's an obstacle, the answer might not always be a tank, but the answer CAN always be a tank!

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