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Army vs. Navy: The Ultimate Branch Showdown

Active Military
Active Military
January 18, 2018
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This week our random number generator (we switched Bill back to generating the matchups after Ted's f***up last week) picked a battle of heavy hitters. The Army vs. Navy is this week's matchup. The Coast Guard and the Air Force while potent in their mission are small and they can't really take a punch like the Navy and the Army (or even the Marine Corps) can. The Navy and the Army have the benefit of the most manpower and most diverse roles. This matchup is sure to be a slugfest.The Navy came out swinging first with cruise missile barrages targeting the limited air power the Army has. Luckily for the Army, they were able to get many of their attack helicopters off the ground before the missiles impacted and relocate to "Forward Arming and Refueling Points" (FARP) within striking distance of most naval forces. With the standoff barrage completed, the Army made it's move dispatching CAG to sink several key naval support ships in a coordinated effort with Apache attack helicopters.

army vs navy

Combined Ranger/Armor task forces seized several key ports the Navy used as resupply points hoping to starve the Navy into submission. The battle waged back and forth for several long weeks as the Navy would seize the port with overwhelming sea power but subsequently had to surrender the ports when the manpower was unable to hold against the waves of armor and light infantry counterattacks. The Navy, unable to rely on the Marines for ground attack capabilities were unable to secure and hold any land for long periods of time. The SEAL's put up heroic defenses of several ports, but due to the small numbers, they were eventually overwhelmed by the disproportionate land resources the Army was able to muster.

army vs Navy

Despite the several heavy-hitting punches by both sides our advanced warfare simulation computer (Ted) predicted that the Navy was eventually forced into submission due to insufficient resupply and inability to hold ground. The Army's ability to ultimately hold the land and the ports with the superior ground forces proved to be too much for the Navy. This week's victor in "Army vs Navy", is the Army.

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