BLAST Injury Explained and Healing Treatment Available
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BLAST Injury Explained and Healing Treatment Available

Mental Health & Wellness
Mental Health & Wellness
April 17, 2024
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DOD/VA/Army medicine has confirmed with solid science and objective physical evidence that blast injuries cause physical wounds to the brain. Formerly "invisible wounds" have been revealed through post-mortem autopsies to be both visible damage and probable cause for PTSD and other debilitating, life-altering behavior. The implication of the finding is that those wounds should be and can be healed through application of "wound-healing" protocols in place for decades. And the stunning reality is that there is a treatment that is proved with similar scientific evidence to be an already approved indication for wound healing: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).

Consider: We now know that blast injury is a physical wound to a body organ, the brain. Blast waves, with or without unconsciousness, result in an immediate and significant metabolic crisis for the now wounded brain. Studies are underway to better link the acute pathobiology of blast injury with potential mechanisms of chronic cell death, dysfunction and neurodegeneration. Current findings about blast injury point to disruptions in cellular processes that may underlie long term impairment. In a phrase, blast injuries and concussion are physical wounds which can't yet be "seen" in life, but are accompanied by symptoms which can be observed. Physiological damage -- ripping and tearing and shearing and bleeding and bruising and swelling -- lead to chaos in the head and link to clinical characteristics of concussion: balance problems, migraine symptoms, cognitive impairment and numerous other observable and measurable dysfunctions, and vulnerability to repeat injury. Concussions are physically damaging, a wound that must be treated the way we know how to treat wounds we can see. Treatments of the physical injury that can interrupt this damaging cascade of degeneration should be implemented immediately.

We have growing evidence – witnessed by the suicide rates in both instances – of blast damage caused by the Operation Martyr Soleimani, the Iranian missile strike at al Asad and Erbil airbases in 2019, and the Marine artillery battalion in Operation Inherent Resolve, in February 2017. In both instances, hundreds of service members received brain wounds yet no effective treatment. The damage continues to ruin the victims.

Medicine has well-known explanations of the nature of wounds and the phases in wound healing. The so-called "concussion cascade" that follows the wound to the head creates conditions that impede healing in the closed, heretofore unseen environment inside the skull. A blast or jolt to the head begins a series of negative consequences. These include: tissue and nerve fiber ripping and tearing; inflammation; interrupted blood flow; oxygen starvation/hypoxia; cell death and cell stunning/inactivation. This insidious biological set of degenerative processes may or may not lead to permanent damage. This acute inflammation phase is the body’s natural response to injury. After initial wounding, the blood vessels in the wound bed contract and a clot is formed. Blood vessels then dilate to allow essential cells, antibodies, white blood cells, growth factors, enzymes and nutrients to reach the wounded area. Unlike with a wound that can be seen, there is solid evidence that this brain inflammation can continue and linger for a long time, impeding healing and increasing the likelihood that more physical damage is occurring and is likely to occur. It has been "common knowledge" that most blast injuries and concussions heal themselves. That is far too simplistic. What may be true is that symptoms abate. Yet damage that can lead to mental and physical degeneration may lead to lingering symptoms and chronic degeneration.

The logical extension of the DOD/VA/Army findings in the LANCET article is that we must treat the wound to the brain using wound-healing protocols.

Wound Healing. The use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) addresses directly this negative cascade of damage and degeneration both in the acute phase of wound stabilization and in the acute and chronic phases of wound healing. Consider the known benefits of using HBOT for wound healing:

  • Decreasing levels of inflammatory biochemicals
  • Increased oxygenation to functioning mitochondria
  • Increases in blood flow independent of new blood vessel formation
  • Angiogenesis from the addition of oxygen: (growth of new blood vessels in the acute and chronic phases)
  • Up-regulation of key antioxidant enzymes and decreasing oxidative stress
  • Increased production of new mitochondria (the energy factories of the cells)
  • Neurogenesis: (growth of new neuronal tissue and Remyelination during and after the treatments are completed)
  • Bypassing functionally impaired hemoglobin molecules, the result of abnormal porphyrin production, thereby allowing increased delivery of oxygen directly to cells
  • Improvement in immune and autoimmune system disorder
  • Direct production of stem cells in the brain
  • Increases in the production of stem cells in the bone marrow with transfer to the Central Nervous System

The validity of using HBOT for wound healing to the brain is validated in the most recent research. Unsurprisingly, delivering oxygen under pressure safely and economically leads to effective wound healing. And numerous other interventions for comorbid maladies have a much better chance of effectiveness when the concussion cascade is interrupted and reversed.

TreatNOW is asking that anyone with brain wounding get in contact with us immediately at We have tens of thousands of success stories and worldwide evidence to demonstrate safety and effectiveness. For additional information, see .

Heal Brains. Stop Suicides. Restore Lives. TreatNOW

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