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The Ground Truth w/ Traver Bohem

Community Support
Community Support
Mental Health & Wellness
Mental Health & Wellness
November 22, 2022
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Men and masculinity are in crisis in America. It's a crisis that will affect our next generation doubly because, if you haven't noticed, this crisis isn't getting any better. Meet Traver Boehm, one of the few men to tackle this crisis head-on. Not by chewing men out or making them feel "less than." But by embracing them, encouraging them, and guiding them through all of the emotions and traumas society has made men repress. If you've never heard of Traver Boehm and you're a man -- this is the moment to meet him. It may make all the difference in your life or your brother's life. As it did for many of us.

About The Ground Truth

The Ground Truth -- that's what you feel under the leather and rubber of your boots a second before the explosive beneath detonates. It's a moment of absolute clarity, and complete chaos. This series is dedicated to the people we've met, fighting their battles and preparing others to battle. Not from the corporate perspective but from the perspective of the person whose boot is kissing the ground.  

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