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Parents Pulled from Car and Executed in Chicago Street

Veteran News
Veteran News
June 23, 2021
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Chicago mourns as tragedy struck Saturday night. Gyovanny Arzuaga & Yasmin Perez were attending a Puerto Rican Day Parade when a minor traffic incident became deadly. The couple were drug from their car by an angry mob and assaulted. Bystander footage shows Arzuaga attempting to shield an injured Perez. However, one of the attackers would draw a pistol, and fire point blank into the couple several times before fleeing the scene.Arzuaga was pronounced dead at Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center upon arrival. Perez, who sustained a neck wound, passed away two days later. The couple leaves behind two young children. A relative has made a GoFundMe for their children.Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot promised to find the killers, saying they had "promising leads." However, the mayor holds more than just the gunman responsible. Lightfoot saying, “As you saw from the horrific video, it wasn’t just one person. There’s one person who dealt the fatal shot. But, there were others who were standing by who dragged that poor woman out of the car.”Chicago Police Department Chief of Detectives, Brendan Deenihan, said, “They are seen hitting and impeding the woman who is the driver of the vehicle and then eventually dragging her out.”Furthermore saying, "What the video doesn’t show is there a shot discharged and that appears when the female gets struck. And then the male comes out and he’s almost on top of her and then you see that second suspect clearly holding a gun and shooting him in the head — almost execution style."

Chicago Violence

Unfortunately, this was not the only heartbreaking shooting over the weekend. Fox News documented that, "Chicago police reported 38 shooting incidents, 54 shooting casualties and eight homicides from 6 p.m. Friday through midnight on Sunday."Stay tuned to American Grit for more news, stories and updates.

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