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Welcome to High Timber Dreams

Veteran News
Veteran News
August 2, 2022
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A little northeast of LaGrande, in Elgin, Oregon, on just shy of 100 acres, is the place High Timber Dreams calls home. High Timber Dreams’ mission is to positively impact the lives of those who selflessly make daily sacrifices to protect our country and our communities. 

Additionally, the mission would not be complete without including our future leaders by providing access, opportunities, education and support to local youth organizations.

Being outdoors was just a way of life for Co-Founders Ryan and Dehanna. From hiking, hunting to fishing and foraging, it was these experiences that really gave them an inner peace and a healthier mindset. 

In 2018, Ryan and Dehanna decided that they wanted to share their home, land, knowledge and experiences with others and to give back to those who give so much for us each and everyday, so High Timber Dreams was born.

When a guest arrives at High Timber Dreams, it is like showing up at a family member’s home. During turkey season guests stay at Ryan and Dehanna’s house, eat, sleep, share stories and experiences. During big game seasons thing looks a little different with more of a camp style experience. 

Thoughts from Army Veteran Brian Rikstad: “As an Army Veteran, all I ever wanted was to serve my country and my state, retire someday and find a big front porch in the country and enjoy life. Ryan and Dehanna Gascon changed that after I visited High Timber Dreams for a Turkey hunt and experienced what their Non-Profit was doing for First Responders, Active duty, and Veterans.

High Timber Dreams is a first-class, family organization that focuses on giving their guests the best experience possible. Ryan and Dehanna make great use of the natural resources on their land to ensure their guests can harvest games, pick mushrooms, hike through the pine forest or just enjoy the back porch and a million-dollar view. Ryan does a great job educating his guests on Conservation and talks about protecting and preserving biodiversity, the environment, and natural resources.”

High Timber Dreams is not just active during hunting season; they continue to provide support and opportunities year round. Currently they are working on some exciting opportunities such as: working with the local Blue Mountain Community College to host outdoor adventure classes for their Veteran Outreach Program. This outlet gives the veterans a chance to get outdoors and learn skills that can help them physically, emotionally, and mentally; Providing local rodeo tickets to veterans and first responders; meals for veterans; and fishing gear for kids and supporting local Future Farmers of America programs. 

Brian and so many others are why High Timber Dreams is here and why we work so hard to do what we do but we cannot continue the mission without support from amazing sponsors and partners such as Grunt Style and what they have helped provide for us each and every year.

You can learn more about High Timber Dreams at their website

There you can find their social media too!

If you are interested in helping out High Timber Dreams and their mission click the link below to donate today!

Chad Hultz is a Marine Veteran, who has a passion for everything outdoors andsupporting High Timber Dreams and their mission. You can follow him on Instagram at @cascadesoutpost
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