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K9 for Warriors: Team Apache

Veteran News
Veteran News
Community Support
Community Support
November 4, 2022
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Meet Daniel and Apache, his newly graduated service dog. K9’s For Warriors is a VSO dedicated to providing Veterans with PTSD and other post combat injuries with fully trained battle buddies ready to help their new LT find their way through the world. Daniel and Apache are a true success story, and living proof of the good that Service Animals continue to play in the survival and wellbeing of our troops and our Veterans.

K9 Treatment For Survival

K9s For Warriors is the nation’s largest veteran service organization focused on providing highly trained Service Dogs to Warriors. Our program is focused on mitigating the debilitating symptoms of service-connected traumas. We validate our methods through tireless research and make breakthroughs every day. Successfully guiding a veteran through the K9s For Warriors program and providing them with a Service Dog doesn’t just change the Warrior’s life. It saves it. 

The majority of our K9s are rescued from shelters. In saving these animals from abandonment or euthanasia, we give them purpose. Each pair who graduates from our program represent two lives saved – the Service Dog and the Warrior.

Visit K9 For Warriors to learn more.

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