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Chronicles of Skynet: Apparently...

Active Military
Active Military
April 3, 2019
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Geezus f***. For f***ing shits sake. Look. I know we've all become acclimated to my usual level of unabashed brash and almost unhinged writings on the idea of Skynet definitely taking over the world, and for the most part, it's a joke we all play along with. I honestly don't think we're all going to die via AI battle bots (well at least I f***ing hope we don't, that'd suck ass) we're adding a "Ghost Fleet", a bunch of autonomous warships for the Navy? This shit just sounds like Armageddon with extra steps.The US Navy has requested some $400 million in order to build two of the "ghost ships" which would float around doing our dirty work without any humans on board. Just so we're all keeping score...there is a land-based robot that can "eat" organic matter for energy, a proposed AI fighter aircraft and wingman for the Air Force and now we're building autonomous warships for the much as this is a joke that we're all laughing's kind of hard not to look at all of this and be like,"Heeyyyy wait a minute...what...what the f*** are we doing here building our own doom?"We've got us, Russia and China all in a competition to see who has the dangliest third leg, while we're over here going full tilt like a Peterbilt with what someone will jokingly name Skynet and then it'll like...become the real Skynet and murder death kill us all.Again...half joking, half wondering how onto something I might actually be. And before you call me a dumbass, just think about all the dumb shit that we thought should never happen and it happens on the daily now. This may be dumb, but it is not the dumbest shit you've read on the internet...and if it is...then you need to do more "interneting".This "ghastly" future is a reality as the Sea Hunter program successfully sailed an unmanned vessel from California to Hawaii and back we can definitely do it. The real question is if it will eventually kill us all and eat us and whales for sustenance. If that be the case, I hope Shamu f***s up those vessels for us when we're dead and gone.The saving grace is that thus far, the decision to pull the trigger and use lethal force, must still be made by a dude...sometimes we're not sure if that's better or worse.

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