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Come and Take It Day

Active Military
Active Military
October 2, 2018
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So it's not an official holiday, but it should be because what is more defining of American and Texan ideals than to tell a tyrannical force that if they want their weapons back, they'll have to pry them from our cold dead hands. October 2nd, 1835, the citizens of Gonzales, Texas refused to give up their cannon at the request of Colonel Domingo de Ugartechea. He had sent 100 dragoons, or mounted infantry to retrieve the cannon...While this is a dramatization, we do suspect that it is somewhat historically accurate, we did check Wikipedia like 8 times.Also, after carefully studying the symbology of the Gonzales flag, we think we're pretty spot on with our recreation of the events leading up to the battle.Mexican Army: "Give us the cannon, we need it for stuff and things."Texans: "No, we think we'll keep it for now, thanks though."Mexican Army: "We're going to take it all the same."Texans: "Well, can you give us a few days to talk about it with our friends?"Mexican Army: "I see no problem with that, go ahead."Texans secretly send out for reinforcements.

Come and Take It

Texans: "Yeah so remember how we said we'd think about giving you the cannon back?"Mexican Army: "Yes, is it ready to be transported?"Texans: "Oh, yeah about that, we decided to keep it and uh...you can f*** off in that general direction away from us."Mexican Army: "How dare you! We will fight and take the cannon by force!"Texans: "No balls! Come and take it!" And so a battle ensued and while the battle wasn't really significant by any stretch of the imagination from a military perspective, it was a huge win for the Texans in terms of morale. The Mexican army left running with their tails between their legs and this day was defined by the ever famous words printed on the battle flag. Come and take it!So in the true American and Texan spirit when folks try to come and take our armaments...Come and take it.

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