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Communications Between French Frigate and Chinese PLA Navy

Active Military
Active Military
April 25, 2019
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How we think it went down..."Sacré bleu, we cannot come to your Navy birthday party anymore mon ami," exclaimed the commander of the French frigate Vendemiaire sarcastically."No you cannot come anymore because you sailed your ship through the Strait of Taiwan like those American assholes," replied a Chinese PLA Navy spokesperson."But mon frere, can we call you mon frere, we were merely on our way TO your birthday celebration," the commander hushed the snickers and guffaws of his junior sailors listening in on the conversation."But the celebration is north of the Strait, you went through it," replied the agitated Chinese PLA spokesperson."Ahh well you know us French, we wanted to get you a nice bottle of wine for your eh...fête d'anniversaire super douce...your eh super soft birthday party!"Flabbergasted and surprised, the Chinese PLA spokesperson asked: "Oh...really you wanted to get us a gift of wine?" He did not realize that calling it a super soft birthday party was an insult."Oui mon ami! We would not arrive empty-handed for the festivities!""Oh, well, in that case, you are formally re-invited to come to our PLA Navy birthday party.""Just kidding we don't like you, f*** off! Your mother is a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!"Stereotypical obnoxious French laughing was heard as the Chinese PLA Navy cut communications with the Vendemiaire.Now we're not saying this is how it all went down because it probably did not go down this way. Also, obviously we're not in the French Navy, nor are we Chinese PLA Navy, so we don't know...but in our minds...this is exactly how it went down when the French...mind you the country we all make fun of for surrendering, bowed up to China and in stereotypical French fashion and were extremely rude to the Chinese PLA Navy...because well...the Chinese PLA Navy deserves it because they are a bag of unwashed assholes.

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