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Corpsman Up

Active Military
Active Military
June 21, 2019
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Yo. I'm gonna be hella blunt with this shit. Docs, as much as we give you shit for being in the bros you had that BDE havin' warrior Eddie Gallagher's back. Doc wouldn't let one of his go down like that.Doc straight up got immunity THEN, had to be sitting there the whole time in his head like:

"Bruh, they don't even know 'bout this bombshell I'm 'bout to drop."

Why? Because Corpsmen are the shit. Not all of em, but it takes a special kind of guy to be a corpsman in a combat unit. It takes a special dude to say that they can both heal and kill at the same time. And they take care of their patients like no other. That's why we love Doc.Get a little frisky out in town, now it burns when you pee? Doc will laugh, but he'll give you a shot of penicillin and you'll be right as rain.Got a little too hot and forgot to hydrate so you pass out in formation? Doc...well he might not be gentle, but he'll get you taken care of, in more ways than one. Might even spice up your love life with the misses at home.Get accused of a war crime? Doc gains immunity then saves your ass in court by copping to a mercy killing.And what do they get in return? A bunch of unoriginal jokes from their Marines and maybe other sailors (do sailors make navy jokes to other sailors...shipmates?). Don't get me wrong, Marines are still gonna make jokes, but after watching Eddie's Corpsman take the heat AFTER getting immunity...dammit Docs, is there anything you can't do?So here's to you Corpsman. You sly, smug, intelligent, immature, wise sonsofbitches. We raise our glass to you once again Corpsman. Defenders of the long dong King Kong warriors out there. Keep doing all that you do.

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