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Deployment Binge-Watching

Active Military
Active Military
August 10, 2018
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Before Netflix, before Hulu, before Amazon streaming, there was...the deployment binge watching festival. Mountains of DVDs piled high, reaching to the heavens in a glorious display of entire seasons of TV shows and critically acclaimed movies. There was nothing quite like huddling around your brethren and ensuring everyone shut the f*** up as we strained to hear every word over the tiny ghetto rigged speakers hooked up to the portable DVD player.Good times, circa the early 2000's and the multiple trips to Afghanistan and Iraq that service members made. If there is one thing we're good at, it's ghetto rigging equipment to have binge watch TV when we weren't sweating our godforsaken balls off in the shitholes of the world.We hate to date ourselves, but this list of shows we binge watched is in keeping with the times. Iron Man hadn't even come out yet!ScrubsSay what you will, Scrubs was a great TV show and anyone who says otherwise can take a long walk off a short pier.The OCHighly underrated show, with Ryan and his fists of fury! Plus, Mischa Barton and Rachel Bilson were hot.The SheildIn order to satisfy our need for gratuitous violence and great cop shows, The Sheild was the perfect deployment show to watch.FriendsThis is a classic. If you hate Friends, you hate America!One Tree HillThe poor man's version of The OC, but it was there so we watched it.Gilmore GirlsBe still our beating hearts, Lorelai Gilmore, hotty alert! For sure we loved our Lorelai and if you disagree well you're probably in the Coast Guard, so...South ParkThey killed Kenny, YOU BASTARDS!The OfficeThis was more of a second deployment show for us, as our first deployment still only had The Office in its first season.

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