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Don't Be a Basic Veteran, Either!

Active Military
Active Military
October 22, 2018
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Just like basic operator bro's, you shouldn't be a basic veteran, like your beloved author either. You're basically like the gun in the featured's too much. Growing a beard out, only wearing hats that sport some fancy gun, optic or ammunition company, wearing tactical pants all around the place, harkening back to the glory days of when you could make an M-2 run like a gazelle. Our prime has passed, we need to be the cool older veterans who actually slew hordes of bodies then came home and threw on khakis and penny loafers.Like the beards for instance. Some people can rock them, some people can't. Just because you got that DD214 doesn't mean your beard will shine and glisten with perfect symmetry like Leonidas. Maybe even if you've got your DD214, maybe your patchy puberty beard should get shaved or maybe don't just grow one because every other veteran is growing one. Be your own man, or bearded lady for that matter, it's your life.Telling civilians about how you used to slay bodies back in your heyday is a bit played out. Just saying, that's some basic veteran shit. I only talk about how I used to fictionally kill hordes of the savage jihadists with dudes that know I'm full of shit because my eyes are brown. Even if you did kill thousands of people, the only people that care, are the guys that also did. It's like being congratulated for breathing oxygen. Okay, maybe it wasn't that easy, but still.Actually, I don't mind the gun/ammo/optic company, it helps me know which ones are garbage when I go to buy new gear. If I don't see a lot of those hats around, I'm assuming it's either out of my price range or the gear keep doing that.Aside from that, meh just be's kind of like being a reverse boot. Just dress and act like you did when you realized looking "Tacticool" all the time wasn't all that cool. But don't be a basic veteran, it's just like being the guy that threw the high school touchdown in the state finals 30 years ago in a town with more cows than people. Nobody likes "that guy".P.S. If your feelings were hurt. Kindly take a joke.

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