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Euro Army

Active Military
Active Military
November 14, 2018
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Angela Merkel echoed the call made by the French president, Emmanuel Macron (isn't that a type of cookie?) for an exclusive "Euro Army" to combat the threats posed by Russia, China, and the United States...wait what was that last part? It makes sense though, right? After all the United States teamed up with Hitler, Italy and Imperial Japan during both WW1 and WW2, right? In case you couldn't tell, that was sarcasm.The idea of a European army actually doesn't really bother us. Aside from the elite LE/SpecOps guys of each country, the militaries of Europe have become extremely dependent on American forces to bolster their strength should Russia decide that it's tired of Western Europe being independent of Russia. This step would actually be in our humble opinion, a step in the right direction.It's weird that it has literally taken till 2018 for Western Europe to realize they have and most likely always will face an adversarial Russia as long as Putin is at the helm. His moves to oust Turkey from NATO and convert Turkey to an ally have been obvious to everyone, it is only now, after the fact that the leaders of Europe collectively got together and said;

"Hey, maybe we think about actually defending ourselves for once!"

Weird right? That a sovereign nation(s) should be responsible for their own defense and well being against aggressors? That is coming totally out of left field! (again sarcasm).What we can't actually seem to figure out is why they suddenly think the United States is a threat to them. We get that the politicians on both sides don't really much enjoy each other, but the idea that the United States would actually want to fight Germany, France or the United Kingdom...(well maybe that last one if they try to reclaim the "colonies") is ridiculous beyond measure.Either way, we see this Euro Army for what it really will be, a gigantic clusterfluck of epic mismanagement and poor recruitment. Hopefully, we're wrong, but it's Europe, so we doubt it.Don't worry the United States will still be here, like always, because even if you are a shitty friend, we'll still bail you out.

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