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Former VA Secretary Slams Handling of Burn Pits

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Veteran News
August 31, 2020
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Burn Pits have killed Veterans, and made many sick. However, the pentagon was warned about their risks. Cancer, lung diseases and other maladies have been the result. The 2020 Military Toxic Exposure Conference highlighted the failure of the government to take care of those afflicted. Former Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Dr David Shulkin was among the guest speakers. The full video can be viewed on Grunt Style's Facebook page by clicking here.The former head of the department did not mince words. During the live feed, he made the following statement:"Take that statement off the (VA) website; that there is no evidence suggesting there are health consequences to Burn Pits. It's ridiculous. Take it off, let's remove it. It's frankly an insult to our veterans."[caption id="attachment_22834" align="alignnone" width="300"]

Burn Pits

Courtesy of Burn Pits 360[/caption]

Burn Pits not a long term problem, according to the VA

This was in regards to a posting on the official VA webpage, which can be viewed here. It states, "At this time, research does not show evidence of long-term health problems from exposure to burn pits. VA continues to study the health of deployed Veterans."Firstly, this is a blatant lie, and contrary to mounds of evidence. Furthermore, much like the mounds of trash accumulated in Iraq, the government just wants it to go away, and doesn't care how. Also, despite invalidating the severity of the problem the same webpage says:"Veterans may file a claim for disability compensation for health problems they believe are related to exposure to burn pits during military service. VA decides these claims on a case-by-case basis. File a claim online."This is akin to them saying, "We don't believe it affects you long term, but if you want to try anyways, shoot your shot kid." This is abysmal, and our Veterans deserve far better. If you want to read about our fight for these Veterans, please see the articles below.

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In conclusion, we need action and the longer we wait, the more Veterans will suffer.

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