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Google's New Feature

Active Military
Active Military
August 28, 2018
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Google's new feature is pretty cool...at first. If you type in "Jobs for Veterans" a neat little box pops up and you can enter your MOS code into the box. Neat right? Totally!There is something a little f***ed up about it though... if you're a grunt from the Marine Corps, like yours truly, the field just populates with "security guard" or "private investigator".You might find yourself saying "What the f*** American Grit, I'm a security guard, what the hell is wrong with that." Nothing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, when we googled jobs for 11B, the equivalent in the Army, it populates with "Training Supervisor" making almost 30k a year more than your average security guard or private investigator.Cue the jokes about being a bunch of dumb crayon eating Marines...we'll wait...are you done yet? No? Ok...how about now. Got it all out of your system? Good, let's move on.We just have one thing to say. What the hell Google? Google's new feature is biased against Marines...did one of us steal the girlfriend of a programmer at Google?

Google's New Feature

We get it Marines are dumb blah blah blah. But seriously, it's the same goddamned job in the military. Infantry Marines aren't even qualified to be police officers or firefighters according to Google...but their counterparts in the Army get to be Training Supervisors.

Google's New Feature

There must be something off in the algorithm, we're almost certain of it. The more advanced we go, the better the results get. A Reconnaissance Marine (0321) is suggested a Security Manager job at over 100k a year, and a Marine Corps Scout Sniper (0317) gets the same jobs as the regular old 11B.Anyways, maybe some of the other jobs will be more in line with the skill sets you've learned, and we applaud Google for at least trying.Good initiative, good judgment, bad execution is what we're thinking here.

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