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Hamza bin Laden Takes the Reigns of Al-Qaeda

Active Military
Active Military
March 1, 2019
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Hamza Bin Laden who was not at the compound is the son of terrorist shitbag asshole Osama Bin Laden has apparently taken the reigns of Al-Qaeda. The 30-year-old son of the guy who had his head turned into a canoe, courtesy of the United States Navy, apparently did not learn from his father's error. It may have taken 10 years, but bro, we found your dad and then we killed him. In his house.What makes Hamza think he'll be any different? Say what you will about the quagmire that Afghanistan turned into, but we killed a lot of your people, like a lot. You got some of ours, but Al-Qaeda and the Taliban simply got outclassed. In fact, we're all surprised that Sangin is not tropical farmland with tons of green grass.This dude is all sorts of f***ed up too. His wife is the daughter of the lead hijacker from the September 11th attacks. Can you say "giant piece of shit?" We can. What a giant piece of shit.Since he has "come of age" or come to power, he's released several messages to his "followers" to attack the United States and our allies. These shitbags have been content to bide their time while the United States has focused on ISIS, Al-Shabaab, and Boko Haram. Rebuilding and planning in the his dad found out people can only hide for so long before they get found.We are content to take bets on how this wobblecock will meet his end.10:1 odds that it will be the Navy SEALs again.5:1 odds that in the spirit of sharing is caring, the United States Navy will cede this op to CAG3:1 odds that Hamaza will meet his end via the United States Air Force and a big beautiful JDAM.6:1 odds that some unknown Lcpl from the United States Marine Corps will get lucky and dump the entire magazine into him.So, place your bets. Also, we're not actually going to pay out because we're not a casino.

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