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Happy Valentine's Day

Active Military
Active Military
February 14, 2019
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A Valentine's Day tribute to the one we we love you. How you fill our hearts with joy when you are near. Whenever something goes wrong, you simply step in and make it all better. It's no surprise given your ability to make an impact much larger than it seems you'd be able to. Though you are small, the impact of your role in our life and the lives of others is too great to ignore. Happy Valentine's Day to you...high explosives, because we couldn't imagine ourselves loving anyone as much as we love you.This Valentine's Day we want you to know that we wish we could carry you with us everywhere, but due to federal regulations and whatnot, we can't cross state lines or board aircraft with you. It breaks our heart to be separated so often. One of your more admirable qualities is how you love us just the same when we come back to you, no matter our time apart, you're always there, ready to give of yourself to ensure that we make it out ok.Sometimes you ride on planes, and we're jealous because you soar to new heights, on wings and in bomb bays you rest until you're needed. When all hell is breaking loose you drop from the sky like an angel to give support to troops in contact. Oh high explosives, why don't they make Valentine's Day cards for you? We hope there are no hard feelings as we send you into the homes of terrorists and shitheads who want to ruin America.We hope you know that you're truly doing the lords work and spreading Valentine's Day cheer throughout the year as you travel from us to those we hate. Spraying the walls in various shades of pink mist and goo.We're sorry if this is too emotional for you, but truth be told and without a doubt, nothing warms our heart like shouting"FRAG OUT!"

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