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Marine Corps Takes the Lead

Active Military
Active Military
May 3, 2019
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3534 has been a rough month for the United States Army in the shit talking game. The Marine Corps is up 1 point on the Army in the recent weeks because, despite the fact that it was National Guard soldiers who had their weapons taken from them at the border, it says "U.S. Army" on their fatigues. If you want to stop getting blamed for their shit, stop letting them put your name on their shit.However, the Marine Corps evened the score when the entire 2nd MarDiv had to be told Barney-Style how to Marine during the day. So with that said and the points that totally don't really exist, but still somehow matter...the score was even one dumb thing apiece...until...A soldier fell into an active volcano, we'll say it again, A SOLDIER FELL INTO AN ACTIVE VOLCANO...not actively erupting, but still active according to the United States Geological Survey. Since it destroyed a shitload of houses in 2018 we guess it's doing some stuff. Part of us wants to give him some points for staying alive, but also at the same time...shouldn't you far enough away from the edge so you don't fall into an ACTIVE VOLCANO...and people think the Marine Corps is dumb. Homebody climbed over the railing to get a better picture...then he lost his footing and fell.While the soldier who tried to do his best impression of Joe Versus The Volcano did manage to survive long enough to get rescued...we're not sure he's going to be telling the story in any bars about his dumbass climbing over the safety rails at a VOLCANO to try and pick up chicks. If he does, we imagine the Army will take another "L" to the Marine Corps.Army, in the spirit good-natured ribbing of each other and interservice rivalries...nanny nanny boo boo we're better than you!While we, the Marines are happy about this fictional one-point jump, we are Marines so...admittedly we don't expect our advantage to last very long. Somewhere out there is a brand new PFC who is tasting beer for the very first time and a senior Lance Corporal who is drunkenly encouraging/taunting him to "Go big or go home, boot!"So, Marine Corps, enjoy your shit talking advantage for one to two weeks before we do something dumb and even the score up again.Also, if you reach the end of this and feel the need to leave a comment about how disrespectful this is, we'd like you to follow the following link so you're not confused in the future:WHAT JOKES ARE

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