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Marine Proved Everyone Wrong

Active Military
Active Military
February 21, 2019
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There is an old saying that if you give a Marine three steel ball bearings and put him in a padded room, then come back 15 minutes later, he will have lost one, broken another and tried to f*** the last one. This is not far from the truth. But that didn't stop H&K from promising that the new rifles for the "Crayon Eaters" would be Marine proof.By the way, the truth of the shit talking matter by H&K is this, as a Marine, I can say the following;Excellent shit talking respects other excellent shit talking; well played H&K and thanks for the new Kill Sticks! If words offended us, we wouldn't be the most efficient and reckless fighting force on the planet. Damn near Tasmanian Devil crossed with Thanos type destruction is what we do! Ok, that was a bit moto and ridiculous, but seriously, did you see what we did in Fallujah? In Ramadi? In Baghdad? In Sangin? On Iwo Jima? On Guadalcanal?I'm 100% sure the Marines who get them will put them to excellent use, until they inevitably break them. Whether it be an IED or another IED or...another IED (we seem to find a lot of IEDs) or maybe a grenade, who knows? I mean what if we do like Cliff Wooldridge and beat the ever living dog shit out of the enemy with a weapon, is your M-27 going to hold up to us caving in the skulls of an enemy fighter...repeatedly?H&K, the Marines who will receive your rifles are no doubt excited to put them to their intended use but have no doubts in your mind regarding future orders about our ability to break shit. Never, never underestimate the boundless creativity of a Lance Corporal with nothing to do but break shit and kill people.Sorry in advance for breaking your "Marine proof" kill sticks. Please send more.Also..."If any of you crayon eaters are reading this..." Silly, H&K Marines don't read.

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