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Military Edition: Deceptive Fun

Active Military
Active Military
January 18, 2018
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There are a ton of things in the military that sound fun but aren't. You get your hopes up when you hear about them and these "activities" are talked about in hush whispers with no real explanation of what they are, you just know you'll be doing them, or in the case of our first thing that sounds fun but isn't even close someone else will be doing it, unless you're Bowe Bergdahl or Brad/Chelsea Manning then you should totally do the first thing on our list.

Sound fun

1. Waterboarding at Guantanamo BayMan, if you don't know what either of those are, you're thinking that its gonna be a day of fun in the sun. Guantanamo Bay has a nice ring to it also like you'll be sipping Mai Tais and Hurricanes next to a beautiful lady after competing in the waterboard tournament. Sounds like a good time right? But we all know, we all know Waterboarding at Guantanamo Bay is most certainly NOT a good time.2. Field DayWhen we were in elementary school, we all had this thing called field day where you could get out of the classroom, run and play. It was a blast, you got to compete and get tickets, it was like a mini-carnival at the school. Yours may have differed slightly, but the gist remains. It was a fun day outside playing with your friends. This is most certainly not the case in the military. It's mandatory cleaning day, and when we say clean, we mean inspection ready clean and if it's not clean, you get the privilege of being haze...trained until your NCO's get tired

Sound Fun

3. Going to the FieldThe "field" it sounds so nice. Lush green meadows, trees a babbling brook maybe. When you hear that you're going to the field, it sounds pretty damn nice. It is not. Especially for those soldiers and Marines stationed in places like Fort Drum, Fort Irwin, MCAGCC Twentynine Palms, and Bridgeport MWTC.

Sound Fun

4. Battalion Family DaySounds like a good time right? A nice time out for your family getting to know the other families in your unit. Building crucial support systems for deployments? Yeah no, it's not fun and the junior enlisted who don't have families, are forced to be there. It sucks.

Sound Fun

5. CruiseFor our Navy brethren, doesn't this sound fun? Going on a cruise. The sea, the sun, drinks and suntanning as you sail the ocean blue. Yeah, we think it's probably a little different than that.

Sound Fun
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