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Navy Goes Forward with Railgun

Active Military
Active Military
June 27, 2019
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Sweet. Earlier this year there were reports that the railgun was not a feasible weapon as the wear and tear on the "barrel" was too cost prohibitive. Apparently, they've solved that problem as they've moved forward with the testing of said railgun moving it from Virginia to White Sands New Mexico and have conducted (sigh, I can't believe we're going to say this shit) environmental impact studies for the northwest coastal areas...meaning they'll probably move forward with test mounting it on a ship up around the Pacific Northwest after they're done testing it in New Mexico.This only means one us at least.REENTER THE AGE OF THE BATTLESHIP!Nuclear propulsion, laser point defense weaponry and railguns...sounds a lot like we're not so secretly trying to make a starship...erm battleship. Throw in a few vertical launch missile cells on that big bastard and boom, you've got yourself one stupid expensive, but badass ship. Use it for deterrence or some shit.Name it the USS Overkill.We know it sounds really ridiculous, but with the amount of money wasted on "Next Generation" ships that aren't performing up to snuff, lets at least blow our money on something stupid intimidating that works. Also, make the missiles that fit in the vertical launch tubes, nuclear-capable MIRVS (Multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle).Sorry, we got carried away just thinking about a big ass battleship with laser defenses and railguns and nukes and WW3.People got stupid worried when it appeared that China had a working prototype railgun on one of their ships...but, remember Commies are great at propaganda and we haven't actually seen their shit fire. We've seen our railgun fire or yeet projectiles if that's your preference.With the problems regarding the barrel "solved" (or so they say), there is no better time than now to make a push for those big ugly powerful bastards to make a comeback sporting some updated weaponry and a badass name.

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