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No More PT Belts

Active Military
Active Military
January 16, 2019
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It hadn't been more than 15 minutes since the order came down. No more PT belts during the daytime, they're useless... Aircraft started falling from the sky and dark clouds rolled in over every single base. The bureaucratic gods that held power over the military via PT belts were angry.Lightning flashed across the sky and struck the ground with violent tempo. We had to shield our eyes from the seemingly endless electrostatic discharge. Though it was daytime, the sun had been replaced by the multitude of strikes, each seemed to rip apart the sky...We dared not leave our barracks rooms as we watched from the window. Rain started to pour, but this was no ordinary rain, it felt like a flash flood dropping from the sky. We surely thought the roof would cave and we'd be trapped amongst the rubble. As the lightning struck and the rain continued to fall, the wind whipped up as well. Perfecting the trifecta of natural disasters the wind uprooted trees and Prius alike (why there were any of those on military bases we're not too sure...). We could barely hear the words spoken from our battle buddy not more than three feet away. The sound of the wind whipping combined with the almost unbearable and perpetual claps of thunder wreaked havoc on our ears.We sat in our barracks room for what seemed like an eternity, our supply of Ramen and Monster Energy drinks started to run low and we feared the worst. We'd have to send a boot out to get wasn't the fear of losing the boot that scared us, but rather the fact that we wouldn't get our food and our ten dollars would be lost forever. Truly frightening.And the last drop of a "Rip It" we found in the bottom of our seabag fell onto my tongue...the clouds vanished like thief in the night, the wind died down to a gentle breeze and the sun in all its splendor dried up all the rain. It was as if it had never existed...Never again shall we rely on PT belts for our safety, the cost of getting rid of them was too high...much too high.

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