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Ode to Midrats

Active Military
Active Military
October 29, 2019
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It may seem strange, it may even seem disgusting, an ode to midrats...for those who don't know what midrats are. For those who don't know, the thought of anyone praising anything with "rat" as a main part of the word seems almost grotesque, but let us assure you gentle reader, it has nothing to do with rats at all. No, in fact, it is quite possibly the most wonderful meal of the day or night...however you want to look at it.Midrats are midnight rations. They are the weary soldier, sailor, airman, and Marines delight. After hours upon hours of patrolling and thinking "I might miss evening chow, this sucks ass," remember midrats are there for you.Midrats are quite possibly heaven-sent. A gift from the gods of war to give those valiant warriors some respite from the death and destruction. How? Why? You might find yourself, a casual, not knowing the reasons why. Fear not, we shall share with you the "how" and the "why".Midrats are comprised of last night's dinner and this morning's breakfast."Steak and waffles, with a side of bacon and Cinnamon Toast Crunch, I think I will!""Popcorn shrimp, buffalo wings and pancakes, with a side of breakfast sausage, most definitely!""Fruit Loops, Captain Crunch and lobster tail, with macaroni and cheese, hell to the muthafuggin yea"Thanks be to the lords of war who saw fit to bestow upon us mere mortals the heavenly sustenance that are midrats. Bountiful and sweet is the cornucopia of the DFAC after a long day of people trying to kill you.We venture to say that aside from carnal pleasures, a hot shower and this dining experience are the two greatest joys of a deployed warrior. Nothing seems to make you forget that only minutes ago, someone tried to kill you and your friends like a cinnamon bun and hot wings. Laughing and joking as we stuff those cinnamon buns in our fat, tired faces...thanks to midrats.

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