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Slogans for Other Militaries

Active Military
Active Military
October 19, 2018
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We all know that for our four branches (five if we're including Space Force) have cool recruiting slogans. Some, like one for the Marine Corps, are timeless "The Few, The Proud, The Marines". Sends chills down the spine thinking about it. Other branches choose to change with the times, like the Army going from "An Army of One" or "Army Strong" or the ever famous "Be All That You Can Be". The Air Force for a long time was "Aim High" and the Navy had the ever-quotable "It's Not A Job, It's An Adventure!"But what of our allied nations and the nations that we seem to constantly be at war or on the brink of war with? How do they fill their ranks with fighters and inspire them to greatness? We did a little digging and found that some of the recruiting slogans are quite clever and seem to get the job done.Countries like Russia, China, Britain, France, and Germany all surely have recruiting slogans...


Russian Army: "Everyone will think you're Spetznaz and you can get a great job in the mob when you get out"Russian Navy: "We definitely worked out our kinks on our submarines, we think."Russian Air Force: "Has anyone ever even seen an F-22 or F-35, see they don't exist, fly Sukhoi!"Pretty convincing if you ask us.


British Army & Navy: "We definitely won't make you fight the Americans again!"Royal Air Force: "You can Fly the EU planes or the American planes, it makes no difference!"Not bad.


French Military: "It's cool, the Germans are our allies now."Kind of a catch-all don't you think?


Chinese Army: "Over 2 Million strong can't be wrong!"Chinese Air Force: "Fly knockoffs of American planes because we stole their designs!"Chinese Navy: "We have an aircraft carrier and cool music videos!"And last but not least.


German Military: "We're not France!"Canada's Ministry of Defense got stupid baked and forget to call us back.

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