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Taliban Training Video

Active Military
Active Military
December 31, 2018
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We'll be honest, it looks like they are training for recess. Most have stated it looks as if they are competing for a cheer competition but given this author's proclivity for dating cheerleaders and his failure to get out of going to their competitions, it's quite clear the Taliban commandos wouldn't be invited to any cheer competition.Why you ask? Sloppy and unentertaining, as stated before, it looks more as if they are training to play at recess. Don't get me wrong, their leapfrog game seems to be on point. Let's move on to some of the other fantastical scenes they've laid out for us besides the shitty pushups and a great game of leapfrog.Stick sword fighting. We're all about hand to hand combat training, but I don't remember the last time we walked into combat with swords. I guess maybe the idea of "You never know what weapon you'll have available to you," may be a contributing factor to the sword practice. And they are "commandos" so they might get issued swords. Who am I kidding that's ridiculous. Moving on.

Fiery hoop. Are we serious?Definitely not cheer-worthy so far, like I mean who are your flyers going to be, they all look to be the same size. You gotta have a smaller gal...oh wait we forgot how they feel about women. You gotta have a smaller guy or goat be your flyer, but alas there are none to be found. Also judging by their ability to perform pushups...We're not sure even a small guy could get thrown up in the air high enough.Let's not insult the great sport of cheerleading, by claiming these Taliban "commandos" are ready for any one of the teams in the "Bring It On" movies.When last I was overseas, I remember being told that the bad guys study us and adapt. They'll use our tactics against us. After watching this video, I'm pretty sure all of that was a lie.

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