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Team India or Team Pakistan

Active Military
Active Military
February 28, 2019
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So, as the YouTube video predicted, we're definitely going to blow ourselves up, so the only question at this point is which team you have money on. Obviously the United States and our traditional foes are ratcheting up the intensity but Pakistan and India, who've loathed each other for like...forever and both are nuclear powers and they share a border and they're actively shooting at each other right now.In all honesty, it'll probably die down and nothing will happen, but just in case we, as a species, do decide to blow ourselves to f***in' kingdom come...who y'all got? Both sides are like the worst version of frienemies that we could have, so it's a tough choice, but we'll give you some hard and fast facts so you can make up your mind on who you should root for to bring about the impending nuclear holocaust.Team India:So India is actually like...semi halfway kind of cool. Except they buy a lot of Russian shit and we're not super cool with that. We befriended Pakistan during the Cold War and that really pissed off India so they cultivated a relationship with the Soviet Union...however, after the Soviet Union fell, relations with India became better. Although we still gave Pakistan a bunch of foreign aid, India has started to come around as more of a friend, although it's uncertain how strong that relationship will be.Team Pakistan:These slap dicks harbor terrorist training camps and kept Osama bin Laden hidden for years from us. We've been giving them foreign aid for a long time too, up until recently when we were like "Hey you dickheads cause a lot of terrorism and do a bunch of anti-American shit. F*** off." Pakistan is an important pseudo-ally, but the amount of sectarian violence and corruption in government agencies make it difficult to trust anything they say or do.Team Burn It All To The Ground:The third option...and certainly the most destructive, is just to start over with humanity. Whoever survives the nuclear holocaust, we'll start again from them and raise a newly evolved species of radioactive superhumans! So go ahead, India and Pakistan, kick the tires and light the fires, burn this biotch to the ground!

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