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The Real Threat to China

Active Military
Active Military
December 13, 2018
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It's not the U.S. Navy or our massive arsenal of intercontinental ballistic missiles that strikes fear in the hearts of the Chinese government. No, our vast military power does not threaten or frighten the leading members of the Communist regime. Rather for reasons unknown to us, the terrifying letter "N" was briefly banned by the Communist regime and Xi Jinping who is now vying to be...President for life.In case you're confused as to what President for life is, it means he wants to be a dictator. It means the facade of saying that China is the "People's Republic" is all but torn down. Especially when the irrational behavior of the regime includes banning the letter "N"Albeit briefly, the regime felt that instead of guarding against any potential military or cyber threats that the letter "N" was of the utmost importance to address.Note that it wasn't a specific word that started with the letter "N" that was banned.Nope, just the letter.It is after all super impressive when a president (cough dictator cough) exerts his omnipotence by banning letters on the internets. He could have committed mass genocide...well oops nevermind China has already done that. Or when they conduct illegal land grabs and oppress an entire people group...wait no they already did that in Tibet. They could make aggressive maneuvers towards invading another territory...wait nope, they're doing that towards Taiwan...well shit. Looks like there was nothing left for Xi to do that hadn't already been done except hating on the alphabet.We guess the only thing left to do is either kill their own people again or ban certain letters from the internet. Glad to see that they went with the utterly ridiculous move of banning the letter "N".Here is our question. How can you ban or say that something is not allowed when banning the letter would make the sentence somewhat like this?"The letter "N" is o loger allowed on the Chiese iteret. Ayoe usig that letter will be puished to the full extet of the law, icludig imprisomet or death."Luckily it was reinstated

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