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TSA's Hilarious Roasts of Weapon Carriers

February 11, 2021
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Whoever runs the Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) social media deserves a raise. Particularly the Instagram account. Their bio lists their name as "Travel Tips & Dad Jokes Hits" and it sure delivers. The posts are long, but genuinely funny. They call out people for trying to sneak prohibited items onto airplanes in the most ridiculous ways. Their posts gets thousands of likes and the responses are ruthless.[caption id="attachment_23207" align="alignnone" width="300"]


(Source: TSA)[/caption]Recently, they took aim at a previous offender with this light hearted jab, "Today we’re throwing back to this blossoming Romeo who grew a, not so clever, idea to sneak a knife through security."They continued to berate the offender with pun after pun. The comment section was on fire with people enjoying the post and adding their own insults.[caption id="attachment_23208" align="alignnone" width="300"]


(Source: TSA)[/caption]Another example, TSA had this to say:"Looks like someone was trying to get fresh with us, but this minty mistake didn't fool anyone! Nothing gets to you, TSA Officers. Staying fresh, staying cool, and quickly finding these bullets at LaGuardia Airport (LGA)."[caption id="attachment_23210" align="alignnone" width="300"]


(Source: TSA)[/caption]Another perpetrator got "busted" with a knife in her bra. TSA had this to say:"Our officers have keen instincts that allow them to sense possible booby traps." Furthermore, "It might have slipped your mammary so allow us to refresh it. Push-up to our link in bio and check out our 'What Can I Bring Tool'. It’ll reduce the stress off your back and make you feel more comfortable on your next travel adventure."

TSA with the Dad jokes

Despite TSA finding over 4000 guns in 2019, the account is very well natured. Granted, this doesn't make me forgive them for all the times they needlessly gave me a credit card swipe, but I can appreciate good humor regardless. So, before you go to the airport with a pistol in your carry on, reconsider. Lest you be roasted online in front of everyone.

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