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Venezuelan Military Releases Video

Active Military
Active Military
February 7, 2019
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When the United States Marine Corps saw the video at first they were shocked. But then as the video was disseminated through the ranks, the shock turned to laughter and the laughter eventually turned to smiles and the smiles trickled their way down into the loins of the Marines who are now sporting a rock hard kill boner. Yes, you read that right, the entire Marine Corps has seen the video and are super excited for happy murder time. The chance that they may get the opportunity to kill these shitbirds, drink their booze, and become "Jodies" in a foreign it still a "Jody" if the women fall for the handsome foreign invaders? Asking for several friends who are still on active duty.[embed][/embed]An unnamed spokesperson for the Marine Corps stated that the Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Neller has been on the phone with all of the division commanders and regimental commanders across the entire Marine Corps asking them how soon they can be ready to show these amateurs how the varsity team plays. Obviously, nobody wants another war, but when a challenge such as this is issued, the Marine Corps must respond. Neller was also allegedly overheard stating,"..not only no, but f*** no, we won't need any ammunition, just grab the bayonets from the armory and get on the damn buses, troop transports or whatever the hell transports and stop fiddle-farting the f*** around."It is unclear whether or not Neller is acting on the Presidents orders or on his own, but when the entire Marine Corps has a raging kill boner, it's hard to put a stop to the wheels of the war machine already in motion.When asked to comment on the fact that the United States Marine Corps seemed to be mobilizing and only bringing Ka-Bars, the Venezuelan leadership responsible for the video simply stated,"Oh, we f***ed up."We'll let you know if any other developments occur.

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