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Veteran Quietly Enjoys Movie Rife with Inaccuracies

Active Military
Active Military
January 28, 2019
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It was a Friday evening like many others. A new blockbuster military action shooter movie had hit the theatres and droves of people were expected to fill the theatre. Among them and on a date with his girlfriend was Phillip Alexander, who had served in the Army as an infantryman. With three deployments under his belt between Afghanistan and Iraq, he'd seen enough combat to tell a lifetime of stories. He'd also done his fair share of body stacking as was the custom in the early days of both of those wars.Surprisingly during the movie, Phillip made no comments regarding the seemingly infinite ammo the hero had at his disposal, nor did he comment on how unrealistic it was to have a round from an M4 knock a guy through a window with just one shot.When Phillip came out of the movie, we had a few questions for him about his behavior during the movie.Us: "Why did you feel like it wasn't your place to correct the movie for everyone around you?"Him: "Well, I just thought that maybe this wasn't the time or place and just because I'm a big dick body slayer doesn't mean I have tacit permission to ruin everyone's evening."Us: "But the movie was inaccurate and you are a veteran."Him: "Well, yeah but its pure entertainment, if they wanted reality they'd have gone to war like we did."Strange behavior from one of America's finest warriors. Usually, we correct every single inaccuracy so everyone knows just how badass we are and how comical the otherwise serious movie would be. The weirdest part is when one of the movie's main bad guys got his head blown off, Phillip gasped like everyone else instead of laughing and reminiscing about how he'd actually blown someones head off in combat.Strange times we're living in.

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