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Who Is Mr. Murphy?

Active Military
Active Military
September 17, 2018
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Poor guys named Murphy in the United States military do not have it easy. Why? Because the inevitable jokes that come with the law related to that last name. Murphy's Law is the source of much chagrin and angst among the fighting forces of the United States. So who is Mr. Murphy? He is an asshole. He is the ruiner of all things good, decent and holy. But he is not a real guy...well sort of.Captain Edward A. Murphy of the United States Air Force first uttered the phrase that "If there are two ways to do something and one of those ways will cause a catastrophe, then some idiot will do it that way!"Thus Murphy's Law was born, and now, as usual, whenever something goes wrong in the military, we attribute it up to Mr. Murphy. For instance, radio cutting in and out while calling a vital indirect fire mission? They will most certainly mistake your coordinates for the enemies coordinates and you will start to get shelled by your Arty buddies, several miles behind you. King of battle my ass!Although the "founder" of the original law was a member of the United States Air Force, the law has transcended all branches as stated in the previous paragraph. Whether you're in the Air Force, Army, Navy, or Marine Corps, hell even the Coast Guard, we're certain that Mr. Murphy's law has significantly ruined your day a time or two.Some examples of the evolved Murphy's Laws are as follows.If your ambush is going well, your probably being attacked somewhere else.If you make it too hard for the enemy to get it, you'll make it too difficult for you to get out.If you need a part, that part will either be in short supply, or they will have stopped making it.The airstrike you called for will inevitably hit the hill the enemy shooting at you isn't on.So as we prepare to celebrate the United States Air Force birthday tomorrow, let us thank them for giving us someone to blame when everything goes wrong.

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