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Who's a Good Pupper Doggo?

Active Military
Active Military
October 28, 2019
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Hey guys! It's me! I'm SO EXCITED YOU'RE READING THIS! I'm a really good pupper doggo and I recently got lots of praise for doggo things and I wanted to share!So Papa Milley said you can't know my name, but just call me "Good Pupper Doggo" and I will be happy. Really, just pets makes me happy. Oh, and riding on helicopters! The wind in my face, my tongue all floppy, so much fun!Speaking of helicopters! I got to ride one recently. We went so fast! But then my handler told me it was time for me to play, too! He's always doing funny things and carries this loud boom-stick everywhere. He always uses it on my new friends; sometimes before I can catch them and show them how sharp my teeth are! They fall down and don't play so much anymore. It's sad.Anyways, I was told we were headed to a new friend's house who wanted to play. I was so EXCITED! I love playing with new friends! I was told this was name was "Al-Borkdadi" or something like that... Honestly, my handler was waving his hand while he was talking and I am pretty sure he had treats in it! Mmm.... treats... I could totally go for some treats right now.We boomed into this new friend's dog house. I got a scent of my new friend and we started playing chase! It's so fun! I get to run fast! But it got kinda dark and we were in stinky tunnels. My new friend seemed like a bad person though and he had kids around him and he was saying stuff. It sounded like he wanted to hurt the kids. That made me ANGRY!So I chased him! I wasn't going to let this bad new friend out of my sight. Then, finally, I had him cornered. And juuuuuuuuust before I could show him my sharp pearly chompers, he went BIG BOOMIE! It hurt me and sadly, I was injured.But that doesn't stop Good Pupper Doggo for long! I was given lots of special pets and my handler made sure I got proper care. I was told I am gonna get treats and pets for a long time! I was even told the new friend was actually a bad, bad man so it makes me really happy that we were able to take him down. I was a little sad I didn't get to chomp him though. Man, I do love to chomp on bad guys.I hear I get to go on more missions and find more friends soon. Maybe I can chomp on some of them! Anyways, thanks for reading this and have a BARKING good day!Editor's Note: We now know this good girl's name! Thanks for the story, Conan!

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