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Fantasy Football Punishments: Creative and Humorous

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January 1, 2023
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Fantasy leagues come with their own rules from league to league. On top of rules, traditions are a whole separate package. Sometimes, this includes more than just a cash prize for the winner. It can also include some sort of “punishment” for the poor soul that placed last. Some of the most popular punishments at the end of the season may look something like this… 

Tattoos/ piercings 

Why not make your humility permanent!? Get a tattoo of the winner’s choice, given as long as everyone has agreed to the punishment at the beginning of the season. Feel free to set certain rules like no names of exes, or nothing that will get you fired. 

Not looking for anything that severe? A bad haircut, or a shaved eyebrow might be a safer alternative. 

Standardized testing

The best way to humiliate someone who is already down on their luck, is to force them back into their high school skinny jeans and make them take either the SAT or ACT. The only difference between yourself and a tired high schooler is maybe the amount of sleep they got and how much you can’t remember from class. 

On top of the headache these tests are, the loser may be shocked at the amount of knowledge they have lost since highschool. When was the Magna Carta signed anyways?  

Open mic night 

Let your opening line speak for itself, and let everyone know that you in fact, picked a bad fantasy team this year. Have the loser sing something humiliating at karaoke and post it on social media. You can also have them attempt standup up or a poetry reading at an open mic night.

Have them wear an unfaltering outfit to add insult to injury. 

Waffle house marathon

Imagine you’re in the middle of a crowd of the worst people you’ll ever meet, sipping on coffee that doesn’t make it any better. Now imagine doing it all day long. No, this isn’t your office job. Sit and enjoy all day breakfast at the waffle house. 

Set a rule like the loser can’t leave until they’ve eaten 5 meat-lover omelets. Or they have to stay 24 hours and every glass of water they drink is an hour off. Having to use those bathrooms is the real punishment. 

Honorable mentions

You can always default to old standbys like “chug milk/beer and run laps” or “hold a cardboard sign on the corner of a busy street saying you're a fantasy loser.” You can also throw tomatoes at them, or make them eat a ghost pepper chip. You could also make them hold a carwash dressed like a Disney princess.

Depending how much you like (or dislike) the people in your league, you can find all kinds of creative ways to ensure everyone tries their hardest next season. Just don’t get arrested, keep it fun!

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