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Super Bowl's Most Memorable Commercials

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February 1, 2023
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Commercials for this year’s Super Bowl are expected to be upwards of 7 million dollars. Each. Now, factor in the cost of production, the celebrity appearances, and the sea of lawyers to scrutinize (to avoid a repeat of the Pepsi-Jet fiasco). Making this some of the most expensive entertainment you could possibly watch. 

If your team isn’t playing, you reserve the right to just sit back, enjoy the chaos, drink a beer, and wonder what nonsense will end up on your screen in between plays. That’s a true American right. In that spirit, here are 5 of the best Super Bowl commercials thus far.

5. WSJ “Like a Girl.” It's modern, and it's moving. It's on my list. If you have tens of millions of people watching, and instead of trying to sell a product, try to help make the community a little bit nicer, I like ya. 

4. Miller High Life “1 Second Ads.” Iconic and silly. Randomly having a man scream, “HIGH LIFE!” and disappear, was hilarious.

3. Coca-Cola "Have a Coke and a Mean Joe Greene.” Because much like Mean Joe, I too change my mood when I get a coke. 

2. Pepsi “With Cindy Crawford.” I mean, Duh. 

1. Apple “1984.” The entering of a new era. Minds were blown and the play on the book was genius. There's just no recovering from it. 

Honorable mentions:

*Budweiser wassup commercial. This would have made the list, but still hearing someone answer the phone this way 10 years later, is more disturbing than iconic. 

*Old Spice: I’m on a Horse. This was a genius bit of marketing that was also a very quotable commercial.

Best commercial *ever*

This isn’t a Super Bowl commercial, but it deserves to be in every discussion about commercials. This is especially true considering it stars a young Channing Tatum, and features legendary band Hoobastank. 

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