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Holiday Gift Guide: Must-Have Presents

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November 1, 2022
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Best Stocking Stuffers

This Lens Pen from Vortex is perfect for cleaning the expensive glass your loved ones bought. I even use mine to clean the lenses on my Virtual Reality headset. Granted their red dot optics would also fit in a stocking, but that’s up to you. 

22 Sierra Coffee Co. is a veteran-owned and operated company, and who wouldn’t want coffee in their stocking? They even have a really creative AR-15 Charging Handle Coffee Scoop!

Best Under $20

The Realtree Waffle House Max-5 Visor is a perfect way to remind people of what’s important in life. The great outdoors, and Waffle House. 

Who doesn’t love a good new pair of socks? You cannot go wrong with the awesome selection over at Soledier Socks. They have cool patterns, bright colors, and fun themes that will be a big hit!

Best Under $100

The complex scent behind Sweet Tobacco Spirits was inspired by old-fashioned jazz clubs and speakeasy lounges. I feel like that is exactly what most of my friends want to smell like so that is an easy choice. 

Throughout history, beards have been proudly worn by the most badass of men. However, now we have the most luxurious products to take care of them. Check out this four pack of beard oils by Badass Beard Care. 

Best Over $100

The Altama Maritime Boot is known for being extremely comfortable and durable. They come in both men’s and women’s sizes, boasting a variety of colors to pick from. Their wide selection offers style and functionality wrapped in one sweet package. 

The Shellback Tactical Defender 2.0 Active Shooter Armor Kit with Level IV 4S17 Plates is the kind of gift that says, “Hey be safe out there.” 

Best for your non-military friend or family member

The VetTv Military Slang Dictionary is a great way to prep your loved ones to be able to fully participate in conversations with you. Proceed at your own risk though. 

Best for Someone Retired From Service

Frontline Metal makes sweet metal flags, unit logos, and retirement plaques. This is a perfect way to commemorate the career of a loved one who dedicated much of their life to the greater good.

Best for Someone Who Gets Cold Easily

This Beautiful Badass Hoodie is a perfect way to encourage your thermally challenged loved one to stay warm. Because let’s face it, if they don’t have a hoodie then yours is getting stolen.

Many of these awesome products have been featured on Club Grunt Style! There you can find discounts, get exclusive products, get entered in giveaways, get free monthly t-shirts and more!

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