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Go Navy, Beat Army!

Active Military
Active Military
Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
December 7, 2018
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It is once again that time of year when those who would claim they are the greatest military academy would face off against the institution that in actuality is the greatest military academy. Yes friends and family alike, it is that time. The Midshipmen of Annapolis will face off against the Black Knights of West Point.While the Black Knights of West Point have taken the last two years, it is important to remember that prior to 2016, Army hadn't beaten Navy for 14 years. Yes, 14 years, we know that it might be difficult to fathom, but Facebook wasn't even around when Army beat Navy prior to the 2016 game. From 2002-2015 the Navy reigned supreme! It was a glorious win streak that like most things had to come to an end, after all, we all know how the "lesser child" gets mad if they don't get their way on the playground for too long. The Naval Academy at Annapolis has therefore allowed the Army to win the last two years in order to keep the peace among the "family"(nobody cares Air Force, nobody cares).With the teams meeting for a total of 118 times, the Naval Academy at Annapolis leads the series with a total of 60 victories. Not only do they lead the series but, the Navy (and all branches under the Department of the Navy) are the holders of the largest margin of victory in this yearly faceoff, beating the Army back in 1973 by an astonishing 51 points.It's not that we hate Westpoint. We love Westpoint. We think they're the second best school in the entire world, which is saying something. Better than Harvard, better than Yale, better than Princeton, better than Oxford, better than Cambridge...just not better than the Naval Acadamy at Annapolis where the future officers of the United States Navy and the United States Marine Corps are forged.Plus it isn't a coincidence that the mascot of the Navy is the goat, you know the Greatest Of All Time.Go Navy, Beat Army!

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