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Violent But True Season 5, Episode 4: Jack Hanson

Mental Health
Mental Health
Serotonin drop
Serotonin drop
US History
US History
September 1, 2021
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Jack G Hanson: a man who single-handedly proved that one determined man with nothing but a .45 and a machete can turn back a whole Battalion for hours. Jack “I discovered the female orgasm” Hanson!

About the Violent But True franchise.

Why VBT? Well, we understand your needs. You work around a bunch of f*ckwits, you live around a bunch of soyboys, and you've always wondered if anyone has ever bayoneted thirty people in one day.

The solution? Give the people the mental testosterone injection they didn't know they needed.

So, Kick back, grab a cold one, and enjoy the gift of violence with your friends and loved ones as we add new stories of graphic violence to our VBT Hall of Fame!

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