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My Struggle to Stay Fit During Quarantine

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Athletes in Motion
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August 13, 2020
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I was pretty worried that I was gonna get mega fat during lock down. I was eating delivery daily, like I still had the metabolism I did as a 19 year old grunt. However, something crazy happened. I actually lost weight! 30lbs to be exact. Downloading a calorie counter app was a big part, but the other was actually getting up and working out. Here is what I used to get stronger, while the world has been spiraling.


Steady inclines make your legs look boss, and your glutes look activated. Plus it's a great reason to wear ranger panties. Especially during Silkies Across America.The national park service has seen a surge of visitors upon their reopening this year. When the pandemic first hit, the parks were closed from visitation. However, with different parks at different stages of reopening, more and more people are flocking to them. Nature is one of the best ways to balance health and lifestyle. A simple walk is better than nothing. Not only does it get you out of the house but you can get some great views while you listen to a podcast or audio book. The silence of the world around you is also highly recommended. You can download apps that tell you what trails are near, and rate them on difficulty, and scenic appeal. When hiking, it is always important to be mindful, and to respect wildlife and keep a proper distance.


Lo right lay-o. What the hecks a lay-o? We hates the double time. Nevertheless, we all gotta run for a PT test. Except the Air Force. I think they can golf for theirs. Being under par is a first class, probably.If you look outside, chances are you’ll see more people running than usual. No surprise that the pandemic encouraged an increase of people slipping their old trainers back on. However, it’s important to keep in mind a few things when hitting the streets again. Running shoes determine a lot about how you feel on a run. If your laces are too tight or your toenails too long, your feet will hurt and ache. Not only will this ruin your run, but will give you excuses not to run again.Running shoes should also be changed every 3 to 6 months, depending on how much you run. If you run on sidewalks you’ll need more recovery for your knees than when you run on trails in the woods. Hitting a hard surface over and over again does a number on your bones. Losing fat will decrease the impact, so inherently it gets better with time.

Body weight work outs

Right now, gyms kinda suck. Packed with mutants grunting while they lift 12lbs. Also, waves of insta-fit girls taking mask selfies while they do the one leg cocked horse pose. Lame.So how do we increase or curb appeal? We go back to the basics. Military PT tests have been, for many years, push (or pull)ups, sit-ups, and a run. So body weight work outs are not uncommon. However, they can be rather tedious. Home made sandbags, or kettle bells are great to mix it up, but you will feel like you need more. Pushing the pace will get the heart rate up, and help burn off more fat. However, the less we weigh, the less there is to use for body weight. Thus, we face the ancient conundrum of getting sexy.The classic push ups and sit ups can be taken to the next level. Mainly, as an easy progression to a more serious work out. Instead of feet on the ground, for sit ups you can do crunches with your legs in the air to work your core in a different way. Instead of regular pushups, you could put your feet up on something and do those inclines to get turbo jacked. Also, hands together instead of shoulder width apart. This way you work more of your triceps for tank top weather.Im no expert, but these tips have helped me. What have been your favorite ways to work out during this quarantine? Sound off in the comments below!

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