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Why Care About Fifth Generation Warfare

Community Support
Community Support
March 1, 2023
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According to Emma Zahn in her Amazon review of The Citizen’s Guide to Fifth Generation Warfare, “Learn what our country has been going through over the last 25 years particularly in the last 7 or 8 years. We are at war in an unconventional way and our Republic is at stake.” Thomas Staten stated in his review, “This book is an excellent read for those who need a refresher or are trying to learn about what is going on every day. It is crucial knowledge and a helpful guide in comprehending and analyzing the daily flood of information we consume.”

The Citizen’s Guide to Fifth Generation Warfare isn’t only for Americans, it’s for all of humanity who recognize the global agenda what’s bent on subjugating the world’s citizenry into a stateless society controlled by the elites. Jason van Gent wrote, “In these times this is the guide we all need to keep our families safe and to ensure our children's future. So good, I bought two more for my family members. Even here in New Zealand it's extremely relevant and critical.”

Today feels different..

Not long ago, we rode our bikes in the street until the streetlights came on and as kid’s we drank from the neighbor’s garden hose when we were thirsty. Nobody cared. And so long as we got a C average in school, we could play sports. It was all-good.  We had crushes on the girl down the street and told everyone except her, we smoked cigarettes in the boy’s room and thought the teachers didn’t know. As latchkey kids we ransacked our parent’s room until we found our dad’s Playboy magazine hidden in his sock drawer or under the bed. We skipped classes and laughed a lot. When we got caught, our parents punished us, and we had to go to school on Saturday to make it up. We laughed more. Today, we fondly remember it all. Our neighbors were from all walks of life and we lived in communities, neighborhoods, and we were a tribe. If there was a beef to be had, we fought. Every school had a designated place where we met to square up and the phrase “… after school!” by a fellow classmate meant something. And when we scuffled, we worked things out. But we didn’t “brutalize” each other and when it was over it usually ended with a handshake and cheers from our peers. 

What changed? 

I don’t have to tell you all the things that are different now. You feel it. But can you explain it? Can you explain why communities are filled with strangers that share property lines? The tribes are all but gone. It was once considered improper to discuss religion and politics at a party. Nowadays, it seems like that’s all anyone talks about. Coincidence? How many of us have broken families based on what we believe each other’s polarized political views are? Gone are the days of an honorable fight when brutalization is seen as dishonorable. Why? The days when a police officer wouldn’t arrest you but instead grab you by the scruff of the neck and give you a strong talking to . . . also gone.  We did what we were told and begged the officer not to tell our parents because we knew we’d surely hear the dreaded sound of a belt quickly being pulled from beltloops as it got turned into an indelible reminder. We knew what respect was. 

What happened? 

How many of you have changed jobs because of political views? Have you moved to another town, country or state to suit your political persuasion? Do you feel hated by fellow American’s and don’t know why? Do you see an impending civil war? If it’s been confusing, now it can make sense once you learn about Fifth Generation Warfare. To answer and explain the situation comes The Citizen’s Guide to Fifth Generation Warfare.

Don’t be fooled again. Learn how to get your control back one page at a time. 

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