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3 Coolest Jobs in the Space Force

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May 8, 2020
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The US Space Force is still a long way from conducting full scale operations. However, the job postings are insanely enticing and the best jobs will only go to the most highly qualified applicants. Here are 3 of the coolest jobs we heard the Space Force will offer, and how to qualify for them.

Orbital Strike Forward Observer (OSFO)

Kinetic bombardment, also known as kinetic orbital strike, is the process of a satellite dropping tungsten steel rods over a particular location. The Earth's gravity accelerates the descent of the rods until achieving terminal velocity, right before striking a target. This causes devastating effects on anything it impacts. The placement of these strikes is very scientific. Because of the accords after the Battle of Canton, there must be a OSFO to plot, request, and clear the strike as "hot." As a result, the OSFO would be embedded with Orbital Drop Marines, or direct fires aboard Firefly-class ships.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics
  • Correctable 20/20 vision
  • Solve this equation in 9 minutes or less: x = Vx * t. y = h + Vy * t - g * t² / 2

Orbital Drop Marines: Hell Divers

The Orbital Drop Marines (ODM) will be the backbone of any manned Space Force operation. They will be responsible for conducting raids and boarding enemy spacecraft or stations. Additionally, they will be the first to set foot on any new celestial body. Consequently, this will be known as an "Iron Rain." Imagine futuristic Higgins boats slamming into red dirt, and highly trained ODM "Hell Divers" pouring out like howling mad men, reaping the lives of enemy combatants. The ODM will also have the new Pit Viper-class tanks.


  • Expert laser marksmanship qualification
  • Tragic origin story
  • 1st class PT test score

Space Force Shuttle Door Gunner

This appears to be the most coveted of the upcoming Space Force jobs. Space Shuttle Door Gunners will be manning the new N7 Hyper beam particle cannons. They are the "shepherd" of the flock, keeping them safe from harbingers of evil. They will fly aboard the Cerberus class transport, as well as other vehicles requiring self-contained armed escorts. Regardless of the circumstance, they can at times be both paragon and renegade of the battle field.


  • Good at one liners after blowing something up
  • Not prone to motion sickness
  • Don't lead targets as much

What jobs did we miss? Which Space Force job would you want the most? Sound off in the comments, and stay on the bounce, trooper!

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