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The Allure of Beards: Best Beard Care Tips

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January 9, 2018
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There are almost too many great things about beards to list here, but we're going to try to give you the best things about beards that we've been told.The number one best thing about beards is it keeps your face warm. Folks San Antonio, Texas got a huge snowstorm this year. If this is any indication as to how the weather is going to continue to be, growing a beard will definitely keep your face warm despite frigid temperatures. If someone asks you if your beard makes you hot during the summer, simply reply it makes you hot all the time, then wink and walk away.

best things about beards

Speaking of winking and walking away, beards fix your bad pickup lines. All you need to do now, is find the best looking lady in the bar, walk up to her and say "Hello" and she'll melt. Nothing more, nothing less. Your beard says all that needs to be said. Think of it as a romantic sonnet, but it's on your face and its quiet. Speaking of success with the ladies, if you're ugly, the beard will hide that fact and keep it hidden until you shave and she's fallen in love with your personality.

best things about beards

Another one of the great things about beards is how it helps you stay full. Say you hit that 2:30 snooze and you need an energy pick me up, dig through that scruff on your face and you're sure to find a nice sized snack left over from lunch. You'll never go hungry again with this 'lunch box on the go'. Some people may find this gross, and that's ok because it is, but they can't judge you, you've got a beard.Beards also protect you from the sun. Cancer, not on this beard protected face! With a nice thick bramble of hair on your face, harmful UV rays can't penetrate and do whatever cancerous bad stuff they do!Truth be told some of these are more realistic than others and with great beard comes great responsibility. So make sure you're worthy of the beard you're growing and always know, its the beard on the inside that counts.

best things about beards
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