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Double-O 9mm: The Coolest Blaster You Can Get for One Stamp

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Gear + Kits
June 10, 2020
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Pistol Caliber Carbines have really taken off over the last couple of years, a winning set up for both defense and target plinking. As the name implies, these little guns are chambered for pistol cartridges, but have the feel of a rifle. They have basically taken the place of sub-machine guns (even with civilian legal versions of both being semi auto for the last 30 years), a very useful category of blaster.A new favorite is the Delta S 9, distributed by MCM firearms. Instead of forcing an odd caliber into an existing design, they created an all new receiver system. The finished product has all the familiar controls of an AR, downsized correctly for 9mm (and now 10mm and 45 ACP). It feeds off of either H&K MP5 or Glock magazines, depending on which lower you order. Glock mags being so prolific these days, its a very good thing they made an option for both. The MP5 magazine might be the original big stick, but Glock is hard to beat in this department.The best part of the system? The Delta S9 was built as an integrally suppressed weapon, with the baffle stack pinned to the barrel. This makes for an incredibly short package, but also fits in a much larger than normal suppressor system. Since it fits underneath the hand guard system, the integrated suppressor can afford to be much larger than a normal thread on 9mm can. This makes for a quieter overall gun, while still keeping it shorter than most AR-15 pistols.With 30 rounds of 9mm on tap, this is an insanely fun gun to shoot. Especially since you can do it without ear plugs. There is something incredibly satisfying about going to the range and blazing away, while still being able to hear crickets chirp in the bushes behind you.The test model used was a side charger, which is preferred in small platforms like this. Other than that, normal AR-15 accessories bolt up. So no surprises with swapping grips or braces. Since this is built as a pistol and not an SBR (short barreled rifle), the only tax stamp needed is for the suppressor. If you just want one stat, with no waiting period, they do make a non-suppressed model too.Bonus round? Glad you asked. Delta S offers something very unique in the firearms market- financing. If you prefer to put one on the monthly installment plan, that is an option too. With the world falling apart around us, this one should be on your short list. The way 2020 is going, you are gonna need it.Will this be added to your arsenal? Drop a comment! Keep checking back to AmericanGrit.com for more!

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