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Guns That Will Protect Your Home

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Community Support
June 3, 2019
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Literally all of them. Like literally...any gun you buy, provided you train and are accurate under extreme stress, literally any f***ing gun. Why are we writing this when many of you readers already know this to be true? Because another website, who we won't name, because we're classy like that, threw down a list of 10 guns that can protect your home...look unless you're shooting a Hi-Point, odds are your firearm is going to do just fine protecting your home...if you operate it (if you clean and oil it). It's not a robot.So we'll take a little page out of the Clint Smith book of wisdom and talk about HOW the different guns protect your home.Shotguns. Oh boy oh boy, we couldn't wait to get to this part of the piece. Shotguns at the right range and with the proper load will literally allow you to see large objects through what used to be the guy or gal breaking into your home. There won't be any question on whether or not there is an exit wound as pieces of their spine (if you hit center mass) will be splattered on the wall like a Jackson Pollock work of art. Added bonus, you're not going to over penetrate shit. Very little collateral damage, A+. Also, you don't have to be a crack shot with it, if you point the barrel more or less at the dude, homie is goin' bye bye closed casket style.Rifles. Well. I can say definitively that any weapon is better than no weapon, but a bolt action isn't going to be our preference over a semi-auto. The only issue with a semi-auto is possibly the length and penetration. Depending on the caliber, your round might punch right through that "space age" siding and into your neighbor's house, which would be BAD. All in all though semi-autos are accurate (if they're not then it's not them, it's you, you just can't shoot...non shooter) and if the troglodyte breaking into your home isn't convinced you mean business after a round or two, don't worry you've got like at least 25 more points you can make to convince the ol' bullet cushion of your sincerity.Lastly the pistol. What it lacks in ammo capacity it makes up for in maneuverability. Shotguns are our favorite, but you know...long barrel. Same goes for rifles unless you've got an AR Pistol, which is pretty dope. If you find a need to not sit tight and wait for the future contestant on the game show "Who Can Get Shot The Most" to come to you, and you MUST clear the house, the maneuverability of the pistol is nice. Just make sure you're packin' hollowpoints of some type. We're not spokesmen for them, but we like the ammo that comes from a company that rhymes with Corny Day.So again...literally any gun (not you Hi-Point), can protect your home. Yes, even a .22 pistol. Or as we saw recently, a baby boomer with a 1911.

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