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How Veterans Can Make Extra Money During COVID-19

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Community Support
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Active Military
August 7, 2020
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During the midst of the global pandemic, there are about 30 million Americans claiming unemployment. However, the world is still turning, and it’s hard to keep up. Inherently, the know-how to keep yourself afloat will allow you to push to the next objective. Here are some quick tips for Veterans to consider that will help make extra money during coronavirus.

File for Disability

Department of Veteran Affairs has said, "You can still file a claim and apply for benefits during the coronavirus pandemic."Filing for disability may seem like a lengthy process, but if you had done it a year ago, you'd already be getting that sweet government check. Stop stalling! This does require you to place some trust into the medical professionals that are there to help you. By filing, one of two things can happen. You can stay the same as you are right now, and making the same amount of extra money. A big ole goose egg, zero.Contrary, you can receive the monthly pension that the military owes you. You put years of hard work and effort into the community, it’s time for it to give back what it can to you. This is not a measure of your character, but rather holding the government accountable for driving you like a rental car.You may think nothing is wrong with you, but unless you're a doctor... That's not your field of expertise bromigo. Just like you wouldn't want some random butterbar telling you how to do your job, don't make the decision for a medical provider. You can start the claim online by clicking here. Don't be fooled by 3rd party con artists, use the real VA website.

Apply for your G.I bill

Maybe you want to become more marketable in your profession? Also, you might want to go back to school to pursue something new. You could also help out a loved one do the same. Admittedly, the financial stress is intimidating, and might discourages you from committing to your dreams. The GI Bill is a solid option. Take something easy, and don't overburden your self. If you recently became unemployed, college will help fill the gap in your resume while you job hunt. Those few classes might even be your edge over the other applicants. Even if you just want to sand bag a few courses just for the cash.For example, San Francisco BAH rate is $4614.00 per month. Perhaps, you live in rural Wyoming. Even the city of Laramie pulls $1455.00 a month. It all depends on the cost of living in that area. See your desired school's BAH rate by typing their zip code here, and select E5 with dependents. By applying for you GI bill, you’ll be able to get the money you rightfully deserve. Even now, with classes going online, congress is working to accommodate, and get you the money you need. No matter where you are, the BAH rate will be better than nothing. Start the process by clicking here.Times are tough right now, and trying to start a new chapter of your life will be a challenge. Certainly, not one many have faced in a pandemic before. However, those few things can give you a little leverage in the game of life. If worse comes to worst, you could open a lemonade stand. Knowing the military community, it’d do better if you spike it with vodka or Four Lokos. Just get a permit first.How have you made extra money in the pandemic? Sound off in the comments below! Also check out these podcast we've featured! They have great tips on navigating the VA.

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