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Jodies Caught on Cause FTC to Sue

Community Support
Community Support
September 27, 2019
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Alright so the Federal Trade Commission posted an article about sueing "" because there were too many false promises in their advertisements and the people in those advertisements were not real.FTC, meet Jodie who is very real and looking to meet you! In fact, Jodie wants to take you on a date, rock your world and they'll even stay the night because you guys have an undeniable chemistry and in a month when you find Jodie's profile on Tinder, they're going to deny it and tell you a crazy ex must have created that profile and you, of course, will believe them and continue to see Jodie and then Jodie then comes to you saying they need money to see their sick grandmother across the country and they have no one else to turn to and then you, being the nice commission you are, lend it to them and then, one day, your spouse will announce they're finally coming home from deployment and you realize you will have to release Jodie back to the wild and to not raise suspicion, looks like Jodie never has to repay because you want no visible connection to them. (And then and then and then, because let's face it, Jodie never stops.)Ultimately, we get it, these Match "profiles" are wreaking havoc on the dating population. But common sense has to come into play somewhere. Heard of the 'Report' button? I get DMs in my social media sometimes telling me how beautiful I am and how my profile caught their eye, but "Block" has worked REALLY well!Jodies, real or company-made bots, are conniving pieces of crap that exist souly to plague happy relationships, or potential relationships and ensure no one is happy, ever. Ultimately, seeing something like this and then getting asked to write about it, made me laugh at how ..... ridiculous it is the FTC has to police dating sites for troll bots.What's sad is, in real life and electronically, this happens all the time- people are duped into giving money over false promises and premises by all kinds of Jodie m-fers. It has happened for years and unfortunately, and it's subset of sites is not the only source.So, if you are on one of these sites- best of luck to you. And for the love of .... yourself .... don't send people you don't know money based on a superficial claim. Research, confirm and if you still believe their cause is legitimate, well, make the best decision for your wallet.

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