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Navy Veteran Found Dead 3 Years Later

Community Support
Community Support
November 22, 2019
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Honestly, this story just completely baffles us. A Navy veteran, Rodney White, was found dead in his Dallas-area apartment last week. The worst part is- he had been dead approximately three years medical examiners said.Let's talk about some of the pieces of information given...

  1. He was a contractor known to travel frequently. (Well, okay, that kinda makes sense on why it would take so long to notice his death...)
  2. His own mother, who lived in New York, stated he would call her monthly and she stopped receiving those calls about three years ago. (Hmm number 1.)
  3. His downstairs neighbor reported liquid coming through the ceiling and had maintenance inspect it. The maintenance workers stopped "worrying about it" when the liquid "stopped" and White didn't answer his door. (The question we ask here is- Doesn't maintenance typically have keys to every apartment? You're telling us not one time in 3 years they needed to inspect anything? Very suspect.)
  4. His truck was parked in the same spot and had dust and pamphlets all over it. (Again, the complex let a vehicle sit for YEARS without sending notices or requesting it be moved?)
  5. According to at least one outlet neither his mother nor his children knew he had the apartment at this address. (Somewhat understandable because of the travel, but still kind of questionable.)
  6. His bills were paid automatically. (But they said his lease was month-to-month. In three years, they didn't need his signature for anything?)
  7. The complex finally 'found' the body after they needed to inspect complexes not using water. (Really, that's what the final thing was?!)

The family reported they did not have the funds to hire a private investigator and they had contacted the police almost immediately after he stopped contacting them. But honestly, it still baffles us as a child to our own parents that not a single family member had the ability after years to further investigate this themselves. (We would personally be stacking bodies looking for answers if either of our parents went missing, so attempting to see this from the family's side is difficult.)The police had also told the family that because White traveled frequently for unknown periods of time, they could not file a missing persons report. But, couldn't they have still done a health and welfare? The medical examiner stated there is no evidence of foul play and we wholeheartedly believe that may be true, but it still leaves us asking so many questions.How could this have happened? It wasn't three months, it was three years. The complex didn't have to perform any checks at all within that time? When we had an apartment, the maintenance personnel would leave notes almost monthly stating they had to replace air filters, check this or that, and so forth.Ultimately, we do hope the family finds peace in finally knowing what happened to their loved one. But we hope EVERYONE can take this as a lesson to never take no for an answer. And if your loved one is missing for YEARS- fight. Someone knows something and answers can be found.

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