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New Show: Grunt Style's Road Trip for Charity

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Community Support
August 9, 2021
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Grunt style has long been known for generous contributions to charity. However, it is now being taken to the next level. A special event is occurring with the conjunction of the official launch of the Grunt Style Charitable Foundation. As a result, 5 of Grunt Style's best and brightest are setting out on a road trip of a lifetime.It is one thing to just write a check, but that doesn't help tell the story of an organization. Thus, Grunt Style is launching a new series to highlight 5 amazing charities, and really get to know the people behind the story.Contestants will hit the road on a series of challenges that will be ranked on a point base system. Each representative has been elected to represent a different charity, and the more points you get, the more their organization will receive. All charities will receive a sizable donation, so there really are no losers.The real value it building relationships with these incredible causes, and sharing their story with the Grunt Style audience. This will allow a deeper appreciation of what they do, and a increased amount of support from everyone who will see. The show will premier on Grunt Style's social channels later this month.The challenges will involve axe throwing, laser tag and many more fun activities. Meanwhile, we the viewer get to watch from the comfort of our own homes.The organizations represented will be:

  • Soldiers Angels
  • Camp Southern Ground
  • Irreverent Warriors
  • Burnpits 360
  • Military Families

Stay tuned to American Grit for more updates on this memorable journey. Read also: Marine Honors Fallen Brothers With Charity Race

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