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New Year, New Me

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Community Support
December 31, 2018
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Oh hey, girlfriends, it's that time of year again when we get to erase all of our bad choices and pretend like we're going to make better ones this year...ok just kidding guys. New Year, New Me...I've always found that statement to be trite and bullshit. Why? Because who you are each year is a summation of who you've been each previous year, so no, that saying is really dumb. All of the experiences you've had up until this point contribute to where you're going.Good, bad, ugly, whatever. Those decisions mold you, so the idea that you can be a "new you" is quite juvenile. Plus, where I come from if you say "New year, new me," someone is bound to kick your ass.If you've been good, awesome, keep going, but also you could probably be better. That's not to take anything away from your accomplishments, but if you're a really good person, it's probably because you don't settle or get complacent in your life, you always push for better. Keep on with that shit!If you've been a bad or ugly or shitty person, hey good news, you can use those experiences to stop being a gigantic shitbag and be better. You won't be a new you, because folks have a long memory and remember the shitty things you do, you'll instead be a better you, which is far more reasonable and less douchey to say out loud.

"I'm working on being a better person."

See that doesn't sound quite as shallow, basic or vain, does it? In fact, it sounds real, authentic and honest because you're recognizing the fact that maybe you did cut someone off in traffic to get your hot mocha frappucino two seconds earlier instead of having some damn patience and making sure you don't cause a four-car pileup. It recognizes the shit from your past while making an effort to be better...not erase your shitty choices from the past.Happy New Year from the staff at American Grit!

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